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Notice to ANDI Instructor Trainers, Facilities, Instructors and ANDI Divers


To: ANDI Instructor Trainers, Facilities, Instructors and ANDI Divers

From: ANDI International Headquarters, Edward A. Betts, Executive Director

Subject: Expulsion of Christian Massaad from ANDI & Deactivation of the ANDI Europe RHQ


Dear ANDI Instructor and ANDI Training Facility,

On 10 August 2020,  ANDI International posted a notice on the website and mailed documents to all instructors registered and licensed by ANDI.  Unfortunately most of those doing business with ANDI Europe did not receive this message as they were never registered with ANDI by their local representative.  If you are among this group I again inform you that unless YOU have registered with ANDI HQ we have no records indicating your membership.  Let me summarize those previous messages here.

ANDI International is the owner of all things ANDI: the brand, the logos, the training materials and anything that relates to the ANDI System; all created by myself, ANDI employees and ANDI licensed representatives since 1988 and proceeding forward from then until now.

The confusion now created in the marketplace is initiated by an unlicensed entity doing business as ANDI Europe. ANDI Europe has been operating for quite a while without any license from ANDI HQ.  Their refusal to sign an agreement initiated a notification order to “Cease and Desist” from myself. I instructed them to close the website and stop promoting themselves as an ANDI representative.  ANDI Europe owns nothing that is ANDI but continues to operate as if they are a legal entity.  Since they continue to falsely and illegally use our name, trademarks and training materials we have been forced to make this more public.  This is most unfortunate for all ANDI supporters and a benefit to competitors.

I realize that many of you may feel caught in the middle of what is described as a business dispute and wish to heed the request from ANDI Europe for “business as usual”.  This is not a simple dispute.  Again, they have no license or authorization to operate as ANDI.  Continuing to do so is illegal.  I asked that they cease operations.  They refused.  That is why we are where we are.

Are you still unsure of how to proceed?  One simple question is posed to you.  Who do you believe is ANDI?  The Founder, Owner and Operator since 1988 or an expelled, unlicensed Christian Massaad?

The Europe representative has violated all agreements in the ANDI System for Regional HQ’s.  Of concern to you personally is the fact that ANDI Europe is NOT a recognized training agency.  In fact your own training actions are uninsurable, as no underwriter insures ANDI Europe. Your liability insurance is not insuring “ANDI Europe” training.   ANDI Europe holds no independent audits, agency-group membership or accreditations.  Any certifications issued from ANDI Europe are unrecognized counterfeits.   Ask your insurer.  Furthermore, no ANDI Europe instructors or students are registered with ANDI HQ.  Unless the certifications are in our database they are not legally ANDI.

ANDI will recognize all past certifications issued by ANDI Europe provided that they are registered with ANDI HQ.  No fees are requested, only that they be legally registered.  Do so now, including all past students.  Certifications and licenses issued after 10 August 2020 will not be recognized by ANDI.  Any issues that are unclear?  Contact me directly.

I assure you that there is only one ANDI … ANDI International and its licensed representatives.

I realize that this extreme action causes some turmoil for us all.  I offer a choice of options for your continued ANDI membership and our future business.

1) Register with ANDI International.

Contact us through  or

2) Register with ANDI Mediterranean.

Contact us through  or

Please contact us to receive the necessary forms for ANDI licenses and membership.  As soon as we have all the required documentation, we will be able to register you as an official ANDI training facility and start issuing your certifications immediately.  Certifications are processed immediately and digitally.  Hard copy credentials and plastic certification cards are also available as an option.

After completing your registration, you will get an email with:

–              your login credentials (training facility and instructors login)

–              instructions of login as a training facility and ANDI member (instructor or student)

–              instructions of using our online certification platform

Thank you for your continued support of ANDI.  Your patience, cooperation and membership will be rewarded with new programs and customer services to improve our mutual operations.


Edward A. Betts, Executive Director