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DEMA 2015 - Technical Diving Resource Center Seminars

See us at the DEMA trade show 2015 in Orlando, FL on November 4th -7th, Booth 1863.


Be sure to catch our Technical Diving Resource Center Seminars which are outlined below. 


Session Title - Expedition Planning:  Gas Choice and CCR Bail Out Strategy

Description - This seminar will discuss the options for gas selection as well as reasons for bottom mix choices, decompression gasses and bailout gas selections if presented with an otherwise unmanageable situation.  Simply stated:  How to survive.

Instructor Trainer - Christian Massaad

Date – Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Time - 2 - 2:45 p.m.



Session Title - Underwater Cave Exploration:  Training, Planning, Preparation and Execution

Description - This seminar will cover the basics of underwater cave training as well as the proper planning, preparation and execution of a cave excursion. 

Instructor Trainer- Jeremy Clem

Date - Friday, November 6, 2015

Time - 2 - 2:45 p.m.



Session Title - Supporting and Supervising the Traveling Rebreather Diver

Description - This seminar targets the resort/destination operator looking to increase their business by luring the traveling rebreather diver to their operation.  Rebreather diving is not all technical diving.  For many rebreather divers, it is strictly recreational diving with a new twist. 

Instructor Trainer- Joe Radomski

Date - Saturday, November 7, 2015

Time - 12 - 12:45 p.m.


What is SafeAir?

What is SafeAir?

ANDI coined the term "SafeAir" in reaction to the false impression that "Nitrox" was "high-tech mixed-gas" for deep diving, or perhaps "that stuff dentists use" and therfore, not suitable for recreational diving purposes. Although it has been considered a cute marketing term by the uninformed, SafeAir is much more than that.

SafeAir is the epitome of proper breathing gas handling from the compressor pre-filter to the divers second stage mouthpiece. SafeAir production begins with properly trained staff operating a properly-engineered gas production system. Breathing gas is stored in correctly rated, designated oxygen-cleaned receivers. The staff follow proper gas-handling protocols using "oxygen-service" equipment to mix the purest breathing gas with oxygen in accordancewith the ANDI-developed standard for "Oxygen-compatible-Air".

Only "Oxygen-compatible-Air" is used in the production of SafeAir, not "Grade E" which is the worst breathing gas standard in the entire world. The gas system's product is analyzed quarterly by an independent, federally-licensed testing laboratory. ANDI receives a copy of the report to document that the ANDI facility meets the highest standards in the industry. In addition, all gasses are analyzed by the end-user. As a result of these procedures, ANDI maintains that SafeAir IS SAFERthan normally produced breathing air.

In summary, SafeAir as definied by ANDI, is any Oxygen-Enriched Air mixture with O2 concentrations between 22% and 50% that meet ANDI's gas quality and handling specifications. Many ANDI RHQ's refer to Oxygen Compatible Air as "SafeAir 21".

If it is not SafeAir, it is only Nitrox.

The SafeAir gas quality specification is listed in the Appendix of most ANDI texts. The ANDI training programs teach the practical application of these mixtures for recreational/sport diving situations as well as more advanced activities.

Remember, it may be Nitrox, but if it's not ANDI, it's not SAFEAIR.

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The expanded edition of the  ANDI textbook, Hyperbaric Chamber Operator - Training and Reference Text is now available from ANDI Regional Headquarters and Training Facilities worldwide.

Very comprehensive and well organized.  Topics include:  Chamber Operations, Physics and Physiology, Patient Handling & Record-keeping, Determining the Real Dosage, Safety Protocols and much more.

This text is a “must-have” for all current and would-be chamber operators, CHT’s and medical staff.  The text is 145 pages in 8.5x11 format, spiral bound augmented by many color photos and illustrations. $95.00

Laminated Checklists, Charts and Tables are also available.  Contact ANDI for details

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ANDI Pioneered the application of optimal breathing gas technology:

  • The first instructor teaching manual for Enriched Air Nitrox diving. (1989) 
  • The first instructor teaching manual for Technical / Decompression diving. (1991) 
  • The first integrated teaching system for Enriched Air Nitrox diving. (1989)

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