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Nautilus Diving Center

15 July 2010

    The Nautilus Diving Center and ANDI Training Academy is one of Baja’s premier diving facilities.  October 2010 marks the Grand Opening.  Although the facility has been operating privately for a...

Rebreather Training

27 March 2014

Come Dive the Future - The ANDI Training Academy at the Nautilus Diving Center in Cabo San Lucas will be hosting a Hollis Prism 2 and Explorer Instructor...



What kind of Diver looks to ANDI for certification?

A person on vacation on some island. - 0%
A commercial diver working on repairing a bridge - 0%
A person seeking to become a scuba instructor. - 0%
A rebreather diver. - 0%
A Military or Civilian police service diver. - 100%
A northern Long Island wreck diver. - 0%
A weekend Florida lobster hunter. - 0%

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