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    SafeAir Nitrox Programs ANDI pioneered the safe application of Optimal Breathing Gas Technology
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    Open Water Diver Programs ANDI Recreational Diver Training from Scuba Experience to Master Instructor
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    Technical and Exploration ANDI Technical, SafeAir Nitrox, Trimix and Overhead Environment Training Programs
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    Silent Diving Rebreathers ANDI Closed Circiut and sCCR Rebreather Programs from Intro to Deep Exploration
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    Dive Medic and Hyperbarics ANDI Oxygen Administration, Hyperbaric Operator and Diving Medicine Programs
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    Gas Blender and Technician ANDI Gas Blending, Service and Equipment Technician Programs
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    Instructor and Leadership Certifications ANDI Instructor, Instructor Trainer and Director for Recreational, Mixed Gas, Deep Exploration and Hyperbaric Programs

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Upcoming ANDI  Hyperbaric Training Programs


Schedule of Upcoming Courses  (PDF Version link of all upcoming HBOT training courses) 

Thursday, September 8th

Hyperbaric Chamber Operator (HCO) Level 2 - Part 1

Astor Crowne Plaza Hotel - New Orleans, LA

Preceding the HBOT 2016 Conference (www.hbot2016.com)


Contact Claudia - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more information & registration or download & submit registration form.

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Hyperbaric Training Schedule 2016

Click above for a full list of featured HBOT educational classes.


Featured Promo

The expanded edition of the  ANDI textbook, Hyperbaric Chamber Operator - Training and Reference Text is now available from ANDI Regional Headquarters and Training Facilities worldwide.

Very comprehensive and well organized.  Topics include:  Chamber Operations, Physics and Physiology, Patient Handling & Record-keeping, Determining the Real Dosage, Safety Protocols and much more.

This text is a “must-have” for all current and would-be chamber operators, CHT’s and medical staff.  The text is 145 pages in 8.5x11 format, spiral bound augmented by many color photos and illustrations. $95.00

Laminated Checklists, Charts and Tables are also available.  Contact ANDI for details

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