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Wayne Miller

Initially certified NASDS OW in 1986. Purchased California Skin Diving Schools in Riverside, CA and started Scuba Schools of America – Riverside. Begin teaching ANDI SafeAir programs in 1995 after training with Tony Zimos and Larry Elsevier. Sold the facility in 2004. Started Laguna Research in 2001, where we developed and manufactured state of the art oxygen control and monitoring systems – sold Laguna Research in 2011. Have been diving rebreather technology continuously since 1996… Drager, Grand Blue, Inspiration, MK15, Biomarine, Azimuth, UT240, Prism, Kiss, Revo, Posiedon. Designed in gas blending systems for clients in California, Oregon and Mexico.



1998 CSIT-60 from Omaha Green ITD-5

1999 RBI-22 from Charlie Johnson RBIT-5

1997 TMI-466 from Harry Wenngatz IT-23

1996 TSI-433 from Omaha Greene IT-5

1997 TSD-433 from Omaha Green IT-5

1999 TMD-410 from Harry Wenngatz IT-23

1995 GB-307 from Larry Elsevier IT-08

1995 ST-447 from Larry Elsevier IT-08

1995 I-466 from Larry Elsevier IT-08

1996 CSU-9296 from Tony Zimos IT-06