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SPOEX Show 2023 – ANDI Korea

SPOEX 2023 - ANDI Korea

SPOEX 2023

In the past 3 years, Korean economics has been affected by the Covid-19 virus and also diving market was decreasing due to social distancing and quarantine. Diving pools were closed, so there was limitation to work out confined water diving skills and it was hard to practice for open water diving skills. There were few new divers(open water divers)in Korea. One of the biggest water sports diving equipment named SPOEX(Seoul International Sports & Leisure Industry Show) from 1992 in Korea was canceled a month before the opening. SPOEX show opened using online in 2021. SPOEX show opened last year, but there were few exhibitors and visitors. There were still regulations of virus. People has to wear mask and there is limitation the number of people indoor.  

For this year, deregulation of the virus has been implemented. ANDI KOREA HQ decided to join the SPOEX 2023 as exhibitor. It was held from Feb 16th to 19th in Seoul. The scale of SPOEX 2023 show was smaller than last time we joined but there were many visitors than we expected. We were glad to there were many visitors and divers. As of this year, we hope the diving market will revamp and taken a step further.

SPOEX 2023 - ANDI Korea