Twilight Expedition: Coelacanth

Dinosaur Fish Pushed to the Brink by Deep Sea Trawlers 

It is not every day that you come face to face with a dinosaur dating back 400 million years, but for the fishermen in Kigombe on Tanzania's northern coast it has become almost routine. In the middle of Kigombe, a village of simple huts on this breathtaking edge of the Indian Ocean, a young fisherman stood proudly before a large green plastic container. Ceremoniously he reached inside and hauled out a monster of a fish, slapping its 60kg (132lb) of flesh on a table, where three children gawped at its almost human-like 'feet'. This is a living fossil, a fish with limbs, a creature once believed extinct: a coelacanth.

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Nautilus Diving Center

The Nautilus Diving Center and ANDI Training Academy is one of Baja’s premier diving facilities. This dive center has been built on the premise of providing customers with all the tools to safely enjoy diving regardless of training level.  Team Nautilus strives to build relationships with their clients that result in well-trained divers who look to continuously expand their knowledge of the sport.

The Nautilus Diving Center and ANDI offer their divers top quality education along with the support and service required to keep them diving.   In addition to training, the Center also offers local tours and charters for divers of every certification level. Nautilus Dive Center specializes in small groups and VIP service, but can network with other operators to coordinate large group activities. As the facility was developing, one of the primary goals was to create the necessary logistics to smoothly run classes that range from entry level diving to full technical training.

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