Rebreather Ratings

After a thorough mastery of the Application of Enriched Air Mixtures has been achieved an exciting blend of old and new technology awaits. Rebreather diving expands your capability far beyond that of the usual bubble-blowing diver. Ok, so what’s a rebreather?

Rebreather Ratings*
Rebreather Intro - (L1) ICC
Rebreather Diver - (L2) CCR
Rebreather Diver - (L2) SCR
Technical Rebreather Diver - (L3) TRD
Rebreather Explorer - (L5) ERE
Rebreather Instructor - (L1&2) RBI Technical Rebreather Instructor - (L3) TRI
Exploration Rebreather Inst. - (L5) XRI

* (Specify the specific equipment system)