The Nautilus Diving Center and ANDI Training Academy is one of Baja’s premier diving facilities.  October 2010 marks the Grand Opening.  Although the facility has been operating privately for a number of years, it will open as a full service diving operation this fall.

This dive center has been built on the premise of providing customers with all the tools to safely enjoy diving regardless of training level.  Team Nautilus strives to build relationships with their clients that result in well-trained divers who look to continuously expand their knowledge of the sport.

The Nautilus Diving Center and ANDI offer their divers top quality education along with the support and service required to keep them diving.   In addition to training, the Center also offers local tours and charters for divers of every certification level.

Nautilus Dive Center specializes in small groups and VIP service, but can network with other operators to coordinate large group activities.

As the facility was developing, one of the primary goals was to create the necessary logistics to smoothly run classes that range from entry level diving to full technical training.

Facility Overview

The Pool

The dive center’s one of a kind pool provides extremely controlled conditions in which to learn new skills, try out new equipment, and practice different gear configurations before entering open water.  The heated pool has a four-foot level, in which divers can practice shallow water skills and a 15 foot deep area.  The deep water end of the pool is ideal for training closed circuit rebreather divers.

Gas Distribution/Blending Station

Each diver’s safety starts with the quality of the air they are breathing.  The Nautilus Diving Center completed their gas distribution/blending station in the spring of 2010.  The gas is sampled every quarter and complies with the highest standards of gas purity in the world. 

They offer oxygen compatible air fills; enriched air nitrox, tri-mix, and 3000 psi oxygen fills for rebreathers.


The system includes:

Poseidon HP compressor               (4) filter stacks            (8) cascade cylinders

(7) oxygen cylinders                     (3) helium cylinders     (2) Haskel booster pumps

LP drive compressor                      blending panel            oxygen/helium analyzers

Dive Gear/Technician Service

Diver safety also depends on quality gear that is maintained by qualified personnel.  The Nautilus Diving Center offers customers top end dive gear in both their rental and resale departments.  The Workshop provides the proper workspace and equipment to perform equipment repairs, annual maintenance, oxygen cleaning, and also serves as a classroom for teaching ANDI technician programs.



The Nautilus Diving Center’s classrooms offer a comfortable workspace for divers to learn academics and practice hands-on skills.  The indoor air-conditioned classroom has wireless Internet access, a multimedia projector, and student refreshment area.

Outdoor Amenities

Outdoor amenities include two palapas that provide shade for outside activities, (2) outside showers, (4) rinse tanks, and gear drying racks. 

The primary palapa covers the gear lockers and student work areas.  These spaces are setup for each diver to have a private workspace to assemble their gear and safely store it overnight.  Each workstation is equipped with overhead lights…just in case a class goes late….

Dive boat

Nautilus Diving Center’s primary boat is a 21-foot Carolina Skiff that has a 90 hp Mercury motor, a 15 hp kicker motor, and a 30-gallon fuel supply.  It is equipped with a sun canopy, life jackets, first aid kit, oxygen supply, marine radio, GPS, gear storage hatches, and equipment lift crane.  The Carolina Skiff is an excellent dive platform with plenty of deck space and seated platforms to suit up technical divers.  

Other boats are also available through our network of operators.


Diver Education

Nautilus Diving Center and ANDI Training Academy offers diver education from entry level to advanced technical applications.  In-house instruction currently specializes in the following programs.

SafeAir Sport Diver                                        Complete SafeAir User      

Technical SafeAir Diver                                   Technical Tri-mix Diver                

Introduction to Rebreathers                            Level 2 Nautilus Rebreather

Technical Rebreather Diver                             Technical Trimix Rebreather


In 2011, The Nautilus Diving Center staff will also be offering certified service technician program, gas blender program, and instructor training programs.


Dive Center Services

Retail Sales/Mail Order                                  Boat Charter/Tours

Recreational & Technical Gear Rental               Cylinder Rental

Rebreather Supplies                                      ANDI SafeAir/OCA                               

Enriched Air Nitrox                                         Tri-mix

Equipment Servicing                                      Oxygen Cleaning

Cylinder Tumbling


The Diving

Cabo San Lucas offers an unique experience for divers.  It marks the point where the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez meet.   Water temperatures fluctuate with the seasons, exchanging tropical marine life for larger pacific animals.  Water temperature varies between the mid 60s to the high 80s depending on the time of year.  Visibility ranges from 20-80 feet.

The nutrient rich waters provide an eco system for a vast array of marine life.

Regional dive sites are home to giant mantas, hammerhead sharks, humpback whales,  whale sharks, sea lions, turtles, groupers, snappers, amber jacks, tuna, barracuda, scorpion fish, puffer fish, lobsters, sea horses, eels, rays, goat fish, needle fish, and a variety of other animals.

The region’s dive sites are split into four different areas. 


Cabo San Lucas

Offers excellent opotunities for dive training and short excursions.  The bay is exceptionally calm with little or no current.  Depth ranges from 15 feet to the virtual abyss of the Cabo San Lucas Canyon. Sites are less than a ten minute boat ride from the Marina. 

Dive sites include the North Wall, Pelican Rock, Neptune’s Finger, Lands End, Mid Wall, and the Sand Falls. 

This area was established as a National Marine Park in 1973.

The Corridor

The Corridor separates Cabo San Lucas from San Jose del Cabo and  is home to several sites that offer a different experience  from the sloping terrain of the Canyon.  These sites are 15-30 minutes from the Marina and include Whales Head, Santa Maria, Chilleno, and the Blow Hole.

Gordo Banks

Gordo Banks is an advanced dive site about 1.5 hours away by boat.  It is located 5 miles off shore.  The seamount starts at about 100 feet with an the average depth of 130 feet.  This is where the big marine life can be seen.

Cabo Pulmo

Cabo Pulmo was established as a Marine Park in 1995.  It is one of only three living reefs in North America and the only one in the Sea of Cortez.   The park consists of multiple fingers of hard coral that span across the park’s boundaries.  Average depth is 50-60 feet.  These dive sites are approximately 2 hours away by car with a short boat ride.


Why Cabo San Lucas?

Cabo San Lucas is an internationally recognized tourist destination with daily cruise ship activity.  It is in one of the fastest growing areas in Mexico.  The area between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas has nearly 20 miles of sandy beaches and beachfront resorts.  The region offers something for the whole family to enjoy.  Divers and non-divers alike can enjoy this desert paradise.  


Commercial flights are readily available from all parts of the United States and Mexico.   Shuttle and Taxi services bring travelers from the airport in San Jose del Cabo to Cabo San Lucas.  Travel time is about 45 minutes.


Hotel accommodations cater to all levels of taste and budget.  They span from lavish and luxurious to modest and practical.  Hotels may be located on the beach or in the downtown area.  There are several properties near the dive center that run $40-$60/night with well appoint air-conditioned rooms, pools, and on site restaurants.


Cabo San Lucas offers dining that tempts every traveler’s palate and wallet.  Local establishments provide excellent bargains that are sure to satisfy, while the tourist walk provides excellent cuisine, intriguing atmospheres, and entertainment that is sure to stimulate the appetite and senses.   It seems travelers are never more than a few feet from a cold beverage or tasty meal.


Regional Attractions 

Scuba Diving                           Deep Sea Fishing              Cabo Dolphin Experience              

Kayaking                                Snorkeling                        Golf Courses

Glass Bottom Boat Tours          Para Sailing                      Party Cruises                    

ATV/Baja Racer Tours              Horseback Riding               Beach Activities                          

Zip Line Tours                        Jeep Desert Tours              Whale Watching                          

Puerto Paraiso Mall                 Marina Boardwalk               Local Arts and Crafts          

Cultural Centers                     Exciting Nightlife                 Art Galleries  

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