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HBOT Medical Information

Is this Therapy Proven or Is it Experimental?

HBO is an approved, indicated therapy in a large and increasing number of recognized conditions. A list of currently accepted acute and adjunctive indications is available on request. It is however, important to differentiate between HBO as a primary and adjunctive therapy.  In modern medicine, HBO is accepted as the primary therapy in these conditions only: Decompression Illness, Gas Embolism, and Acute Anoxia, as for example in Carbon Monoxide / Noxious gas poisoning.  In other conditions, it does not replace existing forms of treatment but is an adjunctive therapy.  

One of the more widespread adjunctive clinical applications for HBO is that of wound healing.  Most wounds heal with limited additional care so HBO isn’t needed for all wounds however every wound-care center  either currently uses HBOT or wishes that they could.  “Adjunctive care” refers to use of HBOT in addition to other primary treatment options.  As an example; anti-biotics for infection and then HBO for infections which have failed to respond to normal management techniques.


More Info?  Medically What Does it Do?


There are 6 primary things that HBOT will do.

1) HBO is a vaso-constrictor, it therefore reduces edema.  Reduction is swelling and inflamation often occurs after the very first treatment.

2) HBOT promotes neovascularization. When oxygen levels are increased fibroblasts divide producing more collagen and new capillaries.

3) HBO enhances the killing power and activity of white blood cells (leukocytes) and activates the immune system.

4) HBO kills anaerobic bacteria.  HBOT is effective in fighting many infections.  It is bacteriostatic against anaerobes and stops exo-toxin production.

5) HBO more rapidly heals vaso-deficient, poorly perfused tissue.  The tissue that heals the slowest is that which has the least blood supply such as the "white tissue" in the body.  Tendons, ligaments, meniscus in the joints, spinal discs, bones and even brain tissues are all capillary deficient and each exhibit more rapid repair when benefitted by HBOT.

6) HBO regenerates damaged nervous system cells.  HBOT neutralizes the toxic cellular by-products and can return damaged neurons to prior activity.


Not all doctors will recommend Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy but not because it isn’t beneficial.  They simply have no training or knowledge of the documented results in treating serious problems such as strokes, heart attacks, infections, burns, difficult wounds that won’t heal, diabetes, toxins and poisoning, Multiple Sclerosis and AIDS, lessening the damage done from chemo and radiation therapy, to name just a few.  And...  the list keeps growing as the benefits become apparent.  In fact, any disease that is ischemic (lack of tissue Oxygen) in nature, or has a concurring edema (tissue or nerve swelling) will see a benefit from HBOT.


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This text is a “must-have” for all current and would-be chamber operators, CHT’s and medical staff.  The text is 145 pages in 8.5x11 format, spiral bound augmented by many color photos and illustrations. $100.00

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