Recreational Open Water Diver Ratings

ANDI’s series of Open Water Diver training programs are designed to provide the necessary information and skills required for the beginning SCUBA Diver through our highest recreational rating of Ocean Expert Explorer. Emphasis is placed on creating a safe, comfortable and confident diver with special skills that certify graduates to 30 to 40m / 100 to 130ft.  Since 1999, ANDI has advocated and incorporated the use of Redundant Breathing Systems at the recreational diver level. Yet another example of innovation that provides the ultimate in safety and confidence. ANDI, our member training facilities and our students enjoy the best safety record in the industry.

Below is a listing of the Open Water Diver Series:

Open Water Ratings

Introductory Scuba Experience - ISE
ANDI Surface Diver - ASD
Confined Environment Diver - CED
Junior Sport Diver - (L1) JSD
Open Water Sport Diver - (L1) OWD
Ocean Scuba Diver-L2 OSD
Ocean Diver -  (L2) OCD
Ocean Adventurer -  (L2) OCA
Advanced Open Water Diver - (L2) AOW
Ocean Explorer -  (L2) OCE
Expert Scuba Diver - (L2) ESD 
Ocean Expert Explorer - (L2) OEE
Rescue Diver - (L2) RSD
Openwater Divemaster - (L2) CDM
Assistant Instructor - (L2) ASI
Open Water Instructor - (L1&2) OWI
Advanced Openwater Instructor - AOWI
Master Instructor - (L2) MSI

Specialty Ratings
Dry Suit Diver - DSD
Dry Suit Instructor - DSI
Diver Propulsion Vehicle - DPV
Night Diver - NGT
Boat Diver - BOT
Deeper Water Diver - DWD
Navigation Diver - NAV
Specialty Instructor - (L1-2) SPI
Marine Environmentalist Specialty (MES)
Total Buoyancy Control Specialty (TBC)


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