Dive Medic and Hyperbaric Ratings

 Our full offering exceeds all industry standards and conforms to European standards as well. These programs expand the dive team’s safety under stress and protects your family and friends should emergencies occur. New programs and innovations are underway.

Dive Medic Ratings
Oxygen Administration Provider - OXP
Oxygen Administration Instructor - OXI
CPR Provider - CPR
CPR Instructor - CPI
First Aid Provider - FAP
First Responder - FRS
Dive Medic - DMD
Dive Medic Instructor - DMI



Hyperbarics Ratings*
Hyperbaric Chamber Awareness - HCA
Hyperbaric Chamber Tender - HCT
Hyperbaric Chamber Operator - HCO
Certified Hyperbaric Technician - CHT
Hyperbaric Chamber Operator Instructor - HCI

*(Specify the specific equipment system)

ANDI’s offering of hyperbaric-related training programs. Contact ANDI HQ for more

information, training materials, prerequisites and local fees.

Hyperbaric Chamber Awareness - This program is designed to provide the background physics, physiology and procedures of general hyperbaric operations and its benefits. A chamber dive is often included in this program but not a requirement.

Hyperbaric Chamber Operator - Level 1- This is a unit-specific certification designed to train individuals in elementary theory and the basic function of use for a specific Mono-place Hyperbaric Chamber.

Hyperbaric Chamber Tender - This program is designed to provide the background physics, physiology and procedures of Hyperbaric use, in general, along with patient care and counseling so as to allow the individual to assist a fully certified Hyperbaric Chamber Operator in the treating of patients in a multi-place or clinical environment. This course rating could also be referred to as "Operator's Assistant".

Hyperbaric Chamber Operator - Level 2 - This program provides a full presentation of the physics, physiology, patient care, equipment engineering, maintenance and use of specific Mono- place Hyperbaric Chambers for both Air and Oxygen environment administration as well as hands-on use of the specific equipment designated on the certification.

Hyperbaric Chamber Operator - Level 3 This is a unit-specific certification designed to train individuals in all of the theory and function of use for a specific multi-place chamber in a clinical environment.

Certified Hyperbaric Technician - CHT- This program differs from other agencies’ CHT certification in that this program involves actual hands-on chamber experience. The CHT rating is a very prestigious rating that indicates a high level of hyperbaric equipment capability. This training includes: Equipment layout, Equipment Installation, Manifold and Control Panel Operation, Chamber Operations, Gas Systems, Physics and Physiology for HB Operations, Safety Systems, Patient Handling, Baurotrama and Toxicity Management, Infection Controls and much more. This training places a special emphasis on Equipment Maintenance to provide a thorough foundation for a career as both a Chamber Technician and Operator.

Functional Hyperbaric Medicine: Principles and Practice - is a comprehensive certification course for physicians, nurses, and technicians that provides the essential training you need to begin working within a medical office, clinic or hospital's Hyperbaric Department. The program includes: An Overview of Hyperbaric Therapy; The Physics of Gases; Primary and Secondary Effects of Pressure; Pathophysiology of Oxygen; Oxygen Toxicity; Determining and Relating Dosages in Protocols; Patient Handling; Conditions and Protocols, Chamber Equipment and Accessories; Chamber Safety and much, much more.

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